Pre Wedding Skin Prep Tips

Pre Wedding

Beauty takes time and preparation; you should begin your skin preparations around 6 months before the big day to ensure your skin is in good condition. Remember good skin comes from within so now is the time to really look at your diet and increase your water intake. Water plumps the skin and flushes out all the toxins and the better the skin is the better your makeup will look.

6 Months Before:

Decide on a skincare routine that suits your skin and stick to it for the months leading up to your wedding day. If you don’t already, start cleansing (wipes are not cleansers), toning, exfoliating (twice weekly) and moisturising. I love Bobbi Brown’s Treatment Lotion for hydrating the skin. Use it after cleansing, like a toner, but rather than applying it with a cotton pad you press it into the skin with your fingertips for instant plumping effects! Don’t forget about your body too especially if it’s been hiding under a coating of wool all winter. This includes hands, feet, fingers and toes! Drink plenty of water and cut down on caffeine that can cause dehydration and cut down on foods that you find cause your skin to breakout.  Facials now and again are also a good idea but don’t leave them too late and make sure your last visit is no later than four weeks before your wedding. This will ensure you have no post facial breakouts before your big day. If you are going to try new products or a new facial do it sooner rather than later – DO NOT do this closer than 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding as you don’t want to risk a reaction or breakout.

4 Months Before:

Wedding planning can get quite stressful; so many late nights spent trawling through websites comparing suppliers and venues not to mention the challenging task of creating a table plan. Everyday life, work, family, socializing and the all-important hen party can start to feel a little overwhelming too. Eventually, everything will take its toll on your skin. Try to take some time out to relax and make sure you are getting enough, good quality beauty sleep. It is important to enjoy your life but everything in moderation! These last few months are meant to be the most enjoyable so make the most of them and try not to get too worked up about things!

3 Months Before:

If you have booked a professional make-up artist for your wedding day, you should arrange for your makeup-trial approx. 2-3 months before. This will give you enough time for another trial if you are not completely satisfied with the first. If possible, try and arrange for your hair trial on the same day as your makeup trial so you can see the whole look together and if the styles compliment each other. If you plan on getting a spray tan I would also recommend having this on for your make-up trial so your makeup artist can get a rough idea of what skin colour / tone you will be.

2 Months Before:

Now is a good time to get your teeth cleaned, polished and taken care of. If teeth whitening is something that concerns or interests you, now would be a good time to do it. Remember to avoid red wine, coffee and smoking afterwards, as your teeth will be more prone to staining after the treatment.

1 Week Before:

Get your manicure, pedicure, wax and spray tan done (remember to leave a few days between any wax treatments before you get a spray tan or makeup application) ! If you’re suffering from dry lips take care of them with a lip scrub and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream. Use a lip scrub a couple of times during the week (or as needed) to remove any dead skin. I recently bought a yummy one from Lush Cosmetics, they are all handmade in their shop using castor sugar and are literally good enough to eat! Apply the 8 hour cream before going to bed (and throughout the day as needed) and your lips will feel super soft and hydrated in the morning. I cannot recommend this product enough! It also works really well on any dry patches of skin around the face & body – apply and let it soak in for approx 10-15 mins. You may need to reapply another layer depending on how dry the skin is.

Wedding Day:

The morning of your wedding can be a busy and emotional one. Start the day with a good protein heavy breakfast and avoid foods that can cause bloating like breads and cereals. Timing is key the morning of your wedding; your make-up and hair stylists will most likely have their own schedule or routine but it is a good idea to also have your own timetable for the morning. I personally like to allocate 45mins – 1hr to do the brides makeup with enough time for touchups before you leave the venue. If you have bridesmaids and other guests getting their hair and makeup done make sure you take this into consideration as this can mean a very early start depending on the number in your bridal party. Remember, you are the bride so relax and let everyone take care of you today! This is going to be the best day of your life so enjoy it while it lasts.

Kellie x